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It was an error in the info but they did fix the problem and 8 days later I finally received my check... Stephanie was the only live person I could speak with cause she was the only link between the tax ofice I went too and the bank she stayed on top of things til I received my funds!

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I always get alive person through the 866 581 1040 number. press 1 , then enter your social, now enter your birthday and press pound, press 1 again for the status of your federal, press 9, press 3, press 1(for lost checks) and press 0. You will get a live person.


Please share the number to get through to a live person. Republic Bank is saying they haven’t even received my refund so I can’t get passed the initial first steps.

the IRS said they sent it to the bank 9 days ago. So I’m stuck in between the IRS sent it to Republic and Republic not receiving it