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I want to say that before anyone thinks about doing business with this bank please think again. I would rather lick a donkeys hind end then deal with them!

First off I agreed to make good on anloan that was little late. When calling to submit payment it was refused and the bank then said I nesddd to pay them a double payment compared to the original agreement. They have taken out $5-$10 just here and there from my account with no explanation at all and never shows on my new balance. They are just deducting money as they please and no credit for it!

As if that's not bad enough these people are degrading their customers and very rude and threatening. This is not how banks and other businesses do business. I've worked many years in the public and at a local bank I would be fired if I did as these people do to their customers. They make me sick.

They have made me physically sick!

More compliants will be filed along with the better business bureau and any other complaints. People BEWARE!!!

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That was a rude comment , like you have NEVER had to pay a bill a little late ! That is life it happens and that does not make him a dead beat


... and it's all your own fault for being a deadbeat.

Pay your bills in full and on time.