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I beem dealing with republic bank for years in always was approved for the easy advance loan. Im trying to figure out what made this year so different..

Changing up next year.. Then at the the same time my tax preparer never told me i was denied had me calling everyday about it.

I went online in checked myself. SAD last year with you guys

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Today is 2_25_19 I called the company and was able to speak to a representative directly! She was pleasant and provided me with the information I requested after asking identity verification information.

It took me three and a half minutes of following prompts to be directed to a menu allowing me to press 0 for additional help or agent.

I waited on hold almost another 30 minutes before she answered the call listening to hold music and the same message repeat itself saying all agent are busy........ Hope this helps


What’s the number


I prepared my taxes with Liberty for first time and they denied the money they fees was 480 Bad BadNadp


Did my taxes at liberty did the loan like I do every year for 1300 and got a email saying I wasn’t approved but last year I got the loan


How were you able to check your loan status online? Liberty tax service prepared my taxes yesterday 1/25/2019 and I'm trying to find out if I was approved or denied. I called liberty this morning and the preparer said all she could see was that the bank acknowledged receipt of the loan application but it didn't say approved or denied yet


Did mine at liberty denied loan like alot of people that usually get got email saying denied


How long after you filed did you get the email? I haven't received an email yet. I know quite a few people who were approved and the loan was deposited onto their cards within hours


Is not true